Your 钓鱼 Bike Setup Guide

许多最优秀的 淡水渔业的河流最好的捕鱼的湖泊 在美国.S. are easily accessible by car or on foot, but to reach some of the more isolated and dare we say, magical fishing holes in America, you need to have a fishing bike setup complete with a bike fishing rod holder, 和n head out on the best bike trails for fishing. 结果可能是原始的, 孤立的位置, like little secrets every angler dreams of telling stories about someday. With a portable fishing rod and a fish-ing bike setup, these stories could soon be yours to tell!

The Benefits of Using a Bike To Go 钓鱼

Depending on your everyday fishing holes, 这些湖泊, 河流, 小溪, and streams you hope to visit while traveling, relying only on a car could limit your options and your potential to catch fish. You may also need to pay parking fees and have other limitations that a fishing bike setup will help to eliminate. Having a portable fishing rod and utilizing the best bike trails for fishing, you can find your own private patch of shoreline, and your own supply of hungry fish to reel in!

Your 钓鱼 Bike Setup Guide

Just as with almost anything in life, you can make your fishing bike setup basic and utilitarian or as adorned and elaborate as you wish. 钓鱼自行车可以很花哨, outfitted with multiple bike fishing rod holders, 篮子, 渔具运输用板条箱, and even containers to carry fish back home. 但, 与此同时, 它们也可以只是一辆自行车, like the one you already have, with a lone bike fishing rod holder or one basket to carry a portable fishing rod. 选择权在你, and your fishing bike setup can evolve over time, as you get more comfortable biking out to 河流, 湖泊, 及以后.


Maybe you already have a bike that you love, and that you’d like to outfit for fishing trips. 如果不是, focus your energy (and money) on a used but high-quality bike that fits you and your body well, 是com-fortable, and also is sturdy enough to be built upon with a fishing bike setup. Many who decide to try bike fishing, not just 女性垂钓者, and will traverse the best bike trails for fishing with a portable fishing rod in tow tend to go for women’s bikes, 这是有原因的. 那个倾斜的, lower bar of a women’s bike can make it easier for you to get on and off of the bike, especially if still wearing fish-ing boots, 或跋涉者.

How a Bike Becomes a 钓鱼 Bike

In order to carry your fishing essentials, 比如钓具箱等等, you’ll want to attach a crate onto the back of your bike. Using just a basic milk crate and extra-large zip ties, you can easily mount and secure a crate. Next, you will need to secure your fishing rods as you pedal toward the water. 自行车钓鱼竿架, like this two-rod fishing bike holder from InMotion, will keep your important gear and you safe. With two sizes of padded clamps included, this fishing bike rod holder will fit perfectly on nearly any bike frame, and it can be mounted on either the back or front fork and adjusts to the angle of your choice, keeping you comfortable as you bike on the best bike trails for fishing.

一旦你得到你的 钓鱼许可证 in hand and your fishing bike setup complete, you’ll be able to reach previously unreachable locations, maybe even miles from the road and parking lots, and start to catch fish that the regular angler can’t and won’t. +, think of the extra exercise you’ll be getting as you pedal to and from your newest favorite fishing spots!

Consider biking with your portable fishing rod to one of the 最好的捕鱼的湖泊 in 新泽西 或者是 5 finest fishing 湖泊 in 德州!




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