Learning how to saltwater fish is a fun sport that requires some skill and timing. 根据你钓鱼的地点不同,你的策略也不同. Here is a short fishing faq with some basic saltwater fishing info to help you get out on the water so you can start catching fish.


All three materials consist of a matrix of fibers rolled into a tube; yet each material offers very different properties. Fiberglass is flexible and strong making it good for trolling rods or fighting heavy fish. Graphite is sensitive but brittle; a good choice for targeting light biters or deep-water bottom-dwellers. Carbon fiber offers better sensitivity and performance than graphite while being tougher and heavier. Carbon fiber and graphite also have a faster response time than fiberglass making them good choices for long casts.


潮汐是月球对地球水的引力. 水流是指水从一个地方流向另一个地方. While the rise and fall of the tide is predictable, the direction and strength of the current is not. 电流也会受到风和径流的影响. 潮汐表告诉月亮经过高潮和低潮的时间, 但是潮汐表并不能预测洋流.


A 全球定位系统(GPS) (Global Positioning System) uses satellites to determine location, direction and speed. LORAN (LOng RAnge Navigation) uses radio signals from land-based towers to do the same. 全球定位系统(GPS) reports location in latitude and longitude, while LORAN uses time differentials called TDs. LORAN系统计划在不久的将来逐步淘汰, but many charts are still marked with time differentials and a number of anglers still use TDs. 尽管LORAN越来越难用了, there are electronic devices that will translate latitude and longitude into TDs.


Different styles of rods and reels are designed to be used for specific fishing situations. 为你的钓鱼计划准备合适的衣服, consult the experts at a local tackle shop or stop by the dock and ask experienced anglers and pro guides what they are using. 有关不同类型连击的描述,请参阅 的鱼竿和鱼线 section.


从离家近的地方开始. Whether you live along the coast or are visiting for the weekend, look for a 物种 那很容易被发现 的地方 这很容易实现. Consider hiring a professional guide to show you the ropes or stop by a local tackle shop and ask for advice. As you master one type of fishing, expand your horizons to cover other 物种.


Five factors contribute to fish behavior: water temperature, current, weather, structure and 诱饵. Determining what combinations of these factors will t钻井平台ger a bite is the central challenge in fishing.


钓鱼 line comes in various styles and colors to apply to myriad types of fishing. 例如, 单丝 伸展,非常适合钓鱼. 氟碳 is used for leader material because it is virtually invisible under water. 编织线 是敏感和小直径,这是伟大的海底捕鱼.


Many opportunities are available for anglers fishing on foot or from a kayak. Join a local surf fishing or kayak fishing club to learn about these very accessible ways to fish.


解决 不同的物种和不同的地点不同. Consult a local tackle shop or pick up regional outdoor publications for suggestions on the most productive 钻井平台s and lures.


渔民经常面临极端的热和冷. Dressing for the conditions is the first step toward a successful fishing trip. Stop by area launch ramps and docks to see what other anglers are wearing. 然后,前往你当地的运动用品店,你会发现 衣服 户外运动者在最恶劣的天气中用它来保持舒适.


电子产品 对所有的盐水垂钓者来说都是必不可少的吗. 即使是在隐蔽的死水里,也不要离开码头 全球定位系统(GPS), 甚高频无线电 和鱼仪. Compact and high-powered personal locator beacons will alert authorities if you have trouble on the water. Any 船er heading beyond the sight of land should also be equipped with a 雷达系统.


一个精确的 定位是钓到大鱼的关键. Drag pressure should be set at one-third the breaking strength of your line. Tie a loop in the end of the line and thread it through the eyes of the rod. 把杆子放在杆子托架上,把环连接到手摇秤上. Tighten the 拖 a few turns and pull line off the reel with the hand scale. Read the weight displayed on the scale to determine the pounds of pressure that the 拖 is applying. 每次钓鱼前检查和调整拖曳是一个好主意.


选择一个 它的大小与 吸引或诱饵 你们会用到的. Also consider the size and feeding technique of the fish you will be targeting.


而天然鱼饵对任何鱼来说都很难拒绝, 在很多情况下,人造诱饵的效果更好. 在某些情况下,诱饵会模仿目标鱼的天然猎物. 此外,天然诱饵很难获得和维护. Many anglers choose to use artificial lures because they present a greater challenge to catching fish.


在选择鱼饵时,要考虑鱼是如何进食的. 使用 夹具、深潜插头或 金属勺子 去接触在海底进食的鱼. 鱼 that graze along the bottom can be caught with 夹具 while predators hunting the lower water column will react to 金属勺子 and deep-diving plugs. Shallow-running插头, 夹具, swimming shad and popping corks will work the middle of the water column. 在水浅, these lures will attract bottom dwellers looking for a meal that is passing overhead.

Topwater插头 and weightless soft plastics are good choices for early morning or just before dark when fish are feeding on the surface. 鱼饵的大小和颜色也很重要. The size should match the fish's natural prey, while color should complement water conditions. 使用 a darker lure in off-colored water and a b钻井平台hter lure in clear water.


当你选择 钻井平台,要考虑目标鱼和 诱饵 beplay滚球app会用到的. Consider where and what the fish will be eating when picking a 诱饵 and tying a 钻井平台. 使用与鱼的大小和鱼饵大小相匹配的钓具.